penis hole Split

Split penis hole

A full discussion with a surgeon is needed to decide what can be done. The opening of the urethra meatus, or 'pee-hole' is normally at the end of the penis, partly covered by the foreskin. A much less common anomaly, diverticulum of the anterior urethra, may act as a valve anterior urethral valve and is also treated endoscopically. If the hypospadias is mild, with the Split penis hole of the urethra just a little down from normal and with no bending of the penis, no treatment may be needed. When the urethral Split penis hole is fixed taut and the patient develops erection of penis, the indwelling catheter acts as a bowstring and cuts through the penis. Superficial penile dorsal vein rupture can be caused by blunt trauma to an Split penis hole penis, particularly when initiating or during sexual intercourse.

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